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Welcome to tekDIVE Europe

Here you can find all the practical information about the congress for technical diving that we organise every two years.

Tekdive Europe was organised the first time in 2011 by the technical divers of the infamous “Wreck Dive team”.  At this first edition , we have welcomed more than 350 attendees!  Edition after edition the congress was growing.  The congress is now one of the main technical diving events in Europe.In 2017 we had about 40 exhibitors, about 20 international speakers and different workshops.

The fifth edition will take place on 19 & 20 oktober 2019 in Edegem (near Antwerp).

There are 2 rooms available (a big room for 200 participants and a small room for 60 participants).  Over the years, we invited many big names who gave very memorable lectures, often illustrated with unique photo and film material. Just to name a few : Martyn Farr (UK), Rod Mc Donald (Schotland), Michael Barnette (USA), Curt Bowen (USA), Pim Van Der Horst (Netherlands), Drazen Goricki (Croatia), Aldo Ferruci (Italy), Richard Lundgren (Norway), Barry Mc Gill (Ireland), Don Shirley (South Afrika), Evan Kovacs (USA), Sebastian Popek (Poland), Sabine Kerkau (Germany), Severine Barr (Germany), Steve Sanders (Schotland), Dr Jacek Kot (Poland), Stewie Andrews (Ireland), Immi Wallin (Finland), Sami Paakarinen (Finland), Peter Kubicka (Slovakije) and many many others.  Also many big names of the Belgian diving community -people like Erik Wouters, Peter Brandt and Steven Galicia- have supported our event and continue to do so.

Tekdive is an event for everyone who is passionate about technical and adventurous diving, regardless of your organisation, club, certification or diving experience.

Last but not least, don’t miss our exhibition, where the major manufacturers and dealers from Europe and the USA showcase the newest trends and inventions in technical diving.  The exhibition is more than 1000 m². 


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Tickets & Reservations


Dayticket : 35 euro
Weekendticket : 60 euro

Meet & Greet : 75 euro (drinks included during the meal, from aperitif untill coffee with dessert)


To make a reservation, please send an e-mail to with the following information : NAME + ADDRESS + KIND OF TICKET (day, weekend, ... ) + NUMBER OF TICKETS + NUMBER OF MEET & GREET ATTENDEES.

The payment you can do to :
Wreck Dive Team VZW
IBAN : BE89 8601 1331 6085

Please mention your NAME & FIRST NAME + E-MAIL ADDRESS so we can couple your paiment with your reservationmail. 

The pre-sales on tickets and the meet & greet can take place until 12/10/2019.

Opening hours

saturday : 09.00 until 18.00
sunday: 09.00 until 17.00

Ticket sales will be open 15 minutes earlier.

Meet & Greet : saturday 19.00 until 23.30

Event location

Ter Elst Concress Center
Kattenbroek 1
2650 Edegem
telephone : +32 3 450 90 00
website :


Hotel Ter Elst (Edegem) :
Hotel Antigone (Antwerp) :



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Our exhibitors:

To give you an impression about the exhibition, you can find hereby the floorplan of Tekdive17.  Underneath you can find the exhibitors for tekdive19.  This list will be completed during the coming weeks and months.  With more than 1000 m² exhibition floor, Tekdive19 is on of the largest exhibitions on technical diving in Europe. 

Our sponsors:

Our media partners:


Our guest-speakers

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Our speakers have been selected because they have accomplished great achievements in technical diving or they can educate our guests with their knowledge on new materials and developments in the diving business.  There are also lectures dealing with the medical aspects of deep diving.

There are 2 rooms available (a big room for 200 participants and a small room for 60 participants).  In these 2 rooms, more than 20 lectures will be given with some spectacular film footage and photographs about wreck-, cave- and minediving.  This is the list of speakers who already gave a presentation or workshop on tekdive-Europe in the past.

Erik Wouters, Steven Galicia, Vic Verlinden, Frank Vasseur, Selçuk Kolay, Pat Vanstraelen, Immi Wallin, Deborah Johnston, Tomek Stachura, Stefan Matthies, Nico Gerdau, Maren Isigkeit, Edoardo Pavia, Sami Paakkarinen, Brett.B. Hemphill. Stewie Andrews, Attillio Piacente, Dr Jacek Kot, Michael Walz, Konstantin Bogdanov, Ivan Borovikov,Gabriele Paparo, Gleb Lanskoy, Peter Kubicka, Prof. Ballestra , Barry Mc Gill, Martin Farr, Curt Bowen , Richard Lundgren, Don Shirley, Drazen Goricki, Evan Kovacs, Sabine Kerkau, Peter Brandt, Michael Barnette, Pim van der Horst, Rod Mc Donald, Aldo Ferucci, Sebastian Popek , Steve Sanders, Severine Barr ,William Remezond, Tom Suetens,Alain Dobbelaere , Armando Ribeiro, Nath Lasselin, Igor Miholjek, Jounni Polkko, J. Borrazas Villaro, Karel Lavrau, Torsten Waelde, Daan Pol, Darragh Norton, Stefan Pape, Stratis Kas.

Dimitris Galon

Dimitris Galon - more info

from: Turkey


specialty: wreck - CCR

subject of presentation: “The ship that changed the flow of history” – The German Imperial Light Cruiser S.M.S. BRESLAU

short content:
On this exhibition, Dimitris will present under the title, “The ship that changed the flow of history” the expedition that took place in September 2018 having as aim to dive, examine and document the German Imperial Light Cruiser S.M.S. BRESLAU a century after her sinking. She sank on January 20, 1918, off the Dardanelles, Turkey, after striking five British mines. In terms of her historical significance, the S.M.S. BRESLAU could be considered as the most important existing historical shipwreck of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts - more info

from: Belgium (lives in Grand Cayman)

profession: freelance photographer

specialty: photography (wildlife & animals)

subject of presentation: Technical diving : Just do it! Knowledge is a smart choice!

short content:
What made me take the step to technical diving and what’s in a name? After a certain amount of courses and not wanting to be a dive professional, I became a Master Scuba Diver and traveled the world as a underwater and wildlife photographer. Health issues kept me in the snorkel zone for some years and my perception was that health limited me. Until I discovered tech training and more control about my diving dissolved my limits! Sidemount diver and full cave certification were my rewards for stepping outside of my comfort zone!



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tekDIVE '13

tekDIVE '15

tekDIVE '17




Artikels en publicaties

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Wreck Dive Team

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WDT is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2011. The main purpose was to organise a technical diving convention in Belgium . We have done this four times now and we are already very busy to get the fifth edition - Tekdive 2019 - on track .

WDT also organises the "Wreck & Tek Events" and has published three very well received diving books :

The first one was recently translated in English and published as 'Diving for Treasures' by Whittles Publishing from Scotland.

WDT also frequently organises and participates in diving expeditions to unique diving locations.Articles about these endeavours are published in diving magazines all over the world.The WDT members are also available for lectures about diving locations that they explored over the years like caves, ship wrecks, abandoned mines etc ...

For more info about our team and our adventures, please contact Vic Verlinden :

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